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Myanmar Spring Revolution

နွေဦးတော်လှန်ရေး - အရေးတော်ပုံ အောင်ရမည်။

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Brief intro...

Myanmar is a developing country from South East Asia with a promising democratic future.

An underdeveloped country ruled by Military Junta over decades, it has not been a decade long that Myanmar has tasted an experience of democracy. It had it's first civilian government in 2010 and slowly growing into a developing country. The democratic transition had been led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate) who served as State Counsellor of Myanmar.


1st February, 2021

On the early morning of February 1st 2021, when the new democratically elected civilian government should start parliament, Myanmar Military did the unimaginable. They had staged the Coup d'etat in the capital of Myanmar and kidnapped The President U Win Myint and State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi together with several leaders of newly elected parliament. 

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Voice of the nation

Symbol of Revolution

To oppose the actions of Myanmar Military, the whole nation came out as one voice. Mass rallies happened nationwide in every city. As for us younger generations born late 90s, never have we ever seen or experienced this much of unity and soulful movement. In the epicenter of this is the adopted symbol of revolution from hunger games, three finger salute. 

Civil Disobedience Movement

One weapon against guns

Civilians are having to fight the unfair fight against the Military terrorists with guns. The major campaign that has shown effectiveness and had wide impacts was Civil Disobedience Movement. Very high percentages of government office workers stopped going to work for the terrorists. Civil workers, Health care professionals, Engineers, Teachers and many other professionals who are working under government ministries had chose to boycott.

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Who we are?

We are a group of Myanmar youth designers, creatives and makers living abroad to bring awareness about the coup happening in Myanmar. We have been actively participating in donations, fund raising and several other activities to support whatever we can. 

Why do we do this?

It has been over 100 days since the coup. People both from within the country and outside of the country has been donating generously.

However, it has becoming more and more difficult for people to donate as the country's economy halted and many businesses closed out.

To maintain the momentum of the revolution,  Civil Disobedience Movement must continue. To be able to continue, funds needed to be flowing in from any way possible.

Why not just donate?

There are a lot of donation only and fund raising charities dedicated to support the revolution. People who are Myanmar or who knew about this and wanted to donate, would have been donated at this point.

We would like to expand the outreach to the people who might have not know about this or not related at all to not just blindly donate but gain a token of appreciation as a product.

By wearing or using products from our store, it will serve as a conversational starter to talk a little or a lot about this whole thing we are going through.

Where will you donate to?

We are mainly focusing on CDM staffs who need monetary support. We have been in touch with several focal personals to do donations once the sales started coming in. We will update on donations to maintain transparency and at the same time safeguard the privacy of persons or organizations involved. We also have other project ideas in mind to collaborate with local artists and international artists to create more products that will focus on different donation campaign objectives.